Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hosting My First Playdate

Though I was being dubbed medically insane, I decided to host my first massive playdate. I have made some great friends from babywearing and La Leche League groups and invited them over for a fun filled afternoon. I was a little worried when it came to entertaining the toddlers. Its not like I have an endless supply of flashy toys to keep them occupied. Thankfully, my friends realized this fact as well and came prepared. Between jumping on bed, hula hoop train, homemade playdough (recipe coming soon), dominos, and "Woody" and "Buzz" riding "Bullseye" into the sunset, it was in my opinion a huge success.

All the children left with their body parts intact, mommies brought over yummy veggies and hummus, amongst other snacks, and my homemade granola bars were a hit (much to Charlie's disappointment when he came home to no granola bars). I loved it and can't wait to play hostess again.

For those interested in the granola bar recipe, check out this blog :

Lastly, I think my little monkey had a good time too, what do you think?

That right there is a happy, worn out baby :)


  1. Ok, so when ya doing it again? :)

  2. Catching up on all your posts! That was such a fun playdate and I was thinking about those granola bars earlier today as I ate a regular storebought bar. I didn't even realize they WERE granola bars at first, I thought they were some sort of awesome-chocolate-cookie-bar. Anyway, glad you shared the recipe, I was about to ask for it! Maybe I can make them tonight.