Monday, September 26, 2011

Milkie Monday - WIC class

Nursing Jonathan for the first time, hours after he was born <3

So today I had a WIC class to go to. Anybody that knows me, knows how disappointed I was with my last class. It was me and a teen mom to be with her boyfriend, and it was a breastfeeding class. The peer counselor was great, it was the teen mom's view on nursing that saddened me. Besides giggling at the mere mention of the word breast, she wanted nothing to do with breastfeeding her future child. Now, let me state this... she has every right to that decision, but please, for heaven-sake, make it an informed decision. What perplexed me was her reasoning for it. She said she didn't want to because she thought it was gonna hurt and that it's weird to think of her breasts for feeding purposes. WHAT?! These puppies weren't put on our bodies for entertainment (though it can be a bonus lol), they were made to provide nourishment to our children. I just couldn't understand that, she did no research to educate herself on the biggest thing she'll ever accomplish, raising a human being. Unfortunately, I came to realize throughout my pregnancy, this was the general consensus throughout society today.

Anyways, today was different. I made my way to the WIC office today for my class. It was a nutrition class and they always start out by asking how we feed our child. It was quite obvious how I feed mine, since I was in the middle of nursing. I was very happy to hear though the praise coming from not only the worker, but from the moms as well. They were all either exclusive nursers, or moms that bottle fed breast milk and nursed. We discussed how our babies nurse differently, ways to help with gassiness, and how rewarding it is to know we're feeding our children the very best. I could've cried. We had one come in late, it was a SAHD stay at home dad. Now his daughter was formula fed, but what surprised me was how he talked about doing skin to skin with his daughter everyday! Holy cow! Where have these parents been? I left that building feeling refreshed and  excited. I even assisted a mom with babywearing. What an awesome day!!!

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  1. That's great--the daddy part especially! Before I left AnMed with Suzi, we had to sit through a little class on taking our babies home. There were several other new moms in my class and all but one of them was breastfeeding. The nurse giving us the spiel had saved the breastfeeding part until the end so that anyone not wanting to do so could leave. The one mom stood up to go and then said she had one question first. How long did she have to wait to get baby's ears pierced? Call me judgmental but this still bugs me four years later! Priorities...