Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shameless Derby Plug!

Here I am in my hippie, crunchy, derby mama glory :)
So even though I barely have time to write posts here, I decided to make a blog dedicated solely to my newest obsession, DERBY! Roller derby is an amazing sport and I'm having such a blast. Check out my blog, Life, Love Derby if you're interested in keeping up with my adventures in skating and hitting. You can also check out my Facebook page dedicated to my derby alter ego, Flashpoint (can anybody guess where that one came from, lol). My team, The Upstate Roller Girl Evolution is also actively seeking skaters. Check out their Facebook page if you're interested. No experience required, I can attest to that, lol.

BTW: Above photo taken by Jason R Scott of TN at our last bout against the Little City Roller Girls.

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